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Our Mission


We put family first. Being a Grandfather of 17 Grandkids ranging from age 6months old to 14 years old, I understand how important having fun with your family really means to you,and also making sure that every one is accommodated for at all ages. In Our Family it is a NO one gets left behind type of motto. We offer Safety Vests From 0-20lbs with Neck support for infants and babies with vests all the way up to 350lb for an XXXL Adult. We will give you comfort as we walk you through everything step by step to ensure your families safety. There is Absolutely No tolerence for a Hello and GoodBye Policy here with DR Boat Rentals, we understand how important it is to be safe with all ages. Limiting your stress and worry to cause a restriction from an amazing time with your beautiful family! We do all the work and you have all the fun!

Family Owned and Operated!